How to Use Social Media to Build Your Brand


Last Thursday, November 13, our Director of Content + Community Sowmya Krishnamurthy joined us for a Facebook chat to discuss YOUR brand on social media, job hunting on Twitter, blogging for cash and more.

In case you have missed any information here are the highlights:

Lauren asks: For those looking to create a strong personal brand on social media, which online influencers would you recommend they follow?

Sowmya: Always follow thought leaders relevant to your brand. For instance, love fashion? Then make sure to follow fashion mags, websites and designers. A good rule of thumb is to follow one influencer (usually verified) and see whom he/she follows for ideas!

Katie asks: “Hey Sowmya! What are some edgy trends you’re seeing when building a personal brand? And do they work or not?”

Sowmya: Some content always gets people talking like racy content or selfies. Unless your brand is racy or edgy, don’t do it. It’s important to stay true to YOU. Don’t ever feel pressured by trends to post anything you’re not comfortable with (or comfortable having future employers and coworkers seeing!)

Mallory asks: “What are some of your best practices for building authentic relationships online?”

Sowmya: Build reciprocity! ReTweet, Favorite and Comment on others’ content to show that you genuinely care. Over time, that’s how you build relationships.

Alisa asks: “How do you balance your personal image / a more professional one?”

Sowmya: Companies often search social media when you’re interviewing so make sure to keep your profiles professional. Anything you Tweet or post can and will be read. That being said, you should retain a unique voice and personality.

Taylor asks: “What is the best way to use social media to find a job?”….

Sowmya: Social media is great to search for a job as well as research companies you’re interested in. Make sure to “follow” the companies for job postings and insider info!

Becky asks: “Any tips on how to garner more followers? It seems a lot easier than it actually is! Thanks!” …

Sowmya: Be organic to yourself. Tweet about what you know and are passionate about and followers will come. And: Be patient! Rome wasn’t built in a day!

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