Is Facebook Going Too MySpace?

By now, we've all had ample time to play around with and scrutinize the new slew of "applications" suddenly available to college students and Facebook users the world over, which debuted a couple weeks ago. Now, you can add music or videos to your profile, list your favorite friends, favorite books, or favorite movies. Applications range from informative, such as those allowing you to display news from your favorite political candidate's campaign, to the downright silly, such as virtual food fights, "SuperPoke," and graffiti walls to draw on.

 But I think somewhere, Facebook crossed a line into MySpace territory. You know how MySpace goes–every time you click on a person to view their profile, your entire computer slows down because of the slew of pictures, slideshows, music, videos, and useless "Which Victoria's Secret Angel Are You"-type quizzes.

Facebook started out in 2004 simply as a social networking tool for college students to keep in touch with those they had met over time. And almost everyone can recount at least one example in which Facebook allowed them to maintain a friendship with someone they otherwise would have lost touch with. And we all know how Marc Zuckerberg and the Facebook developers opened up Facebook to the public and have been adding more and more new features every week in an attempt to keep up with MySpace — after all, MySpace has millions more users than Facebook does.

At first, features like notes and posted items were kind of cool — but now, Facebook's latest attempt to one-up MySpace by adding every application under the sun has ruined the integrity of Facebook. No longer can you click on someone's profile to say hello without being bombarded by a cluttered mess of books, videos, music, favorites, maps, slideshows, graffiti drawings, and on and on. But if I wanted all of that, I would have used MySpace!

To me, the new applications are simply annoying and often useless or more information than I want to learn about someone from their Facebook profile. I know there's no chance Facebook will nix the applications, but one can hope. Until then, I am pointedly refusing to use any such "applications." It's way too MySpace!

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