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ChicScoop: The Devil Wears Prada

The Devil Wears Prada, the movie based on the wildly popular book by Lauren Weisberger, is now in theaters nationwide.

Britney Spears poses nude for September Bazaar

_*DISCLAIMER: I almost hesitated in publishing this, but then I thought, “Hey, it’s going to be in every grocery store in a month or so.” So if you have a problem, blame Bazaar. I know I do._

*IN MAJOR TREND NEWS….it appears that necklaces are in for fall….and little else.* You know, for someone who supposedly wants to _(or should want to)_ re-vamp her image, Britney Spears sure has a funny way of going about it. This just says vamp. Which is really a shame because, as most of you fashionistas know, the September issues are must-buys, even if you don’t usually buy the magazine….especiially Vogue and Bazaar. *Should I surrender to the fact that this will be in my magazine rack*, or should I start a boycott that could end in disaster _(ie: I don’t know about a fall must-have bag)?_ Potentially, this could ruin my August!

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