Fashion Blog: We Have a Winner

And the lucky winner is….the canvas flat with chocolate leather trim by Enzo Angiolini! Available at Nine West

McDonalds Gets a Pricey Makeover…

Trying to beat out Starbucks for the title of _”favorite college student hangout”_, *McDonalds is getting a new look.* All the hard plastic booths and cemented-to-the-floor swivel chairs will be replaced with comfy couches plush armchairs. The company is adding wireless Internet connections, plasma televisions and lounge area.

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Fashion Blog: Cute Summer Flats….Where Are You?

Walking around campus in heels is too tiring. And dressing down in sneakers is too depressing. *I need a summer flat.* I’ve narrowed it down to three finalists…America, it’s up to you to vote now. _Kidding._ But seriously, which one is the best? Let’s put it this way, I’ve already bought one of them, but I want to be positive before I wear them out.

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