Fashion Blog: Which is the Real Fendi?


*Okay….you can probably tell which one is the real one* and which one isn’t. But the real Fendi is over $1,000 and the knockoff is $100. For that price difference…they look the same to me. As far as I’m concerned…it’s all about creating a look. And the overall impact of these bags is about the same.

Like a Dog Whistle….but for Teens and Twenty-Somethings

You know it’s happened to you…You’re in class and you forgot to silence your cell phone. Your friend calls and some crazy ringer goes off right in the middle of an Econ lecture.

Well, there’s good news for you my friend. *New technology has actually brought us a cell phone ringer, so high-pitched, it is inaudible to most adults.* It’s based on the fact that as you age, you lose the ability to hear high notes. Click to see if you can hear it. *Warning: it _IS_ high-pitched!*


Oddly enough, the technology was originally used as a tactic to prevent loitering. Business owners, tired of kids hanging around their stores, could play the annoying tone and drive kids away. However, the tables have turned as kids hijacked the noise and converted it into a cell phone ring tone to alert them to text messages and incoming calls.

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A New Hybrid: Interning Abroad

So I’ve heard of Internships and I’ve heard of Studying Abroad, but I really haven’t heard of Interning Abroad. Well, I take that back, I almost accepted an internship in Mexico City my junior year, but I didn’t know there were so many opportunities. Check out “”:// for listings of all international job postings, you can even search by country!

Probably because you can take an iPod to class with you…

According to a recent poll, iPod’s are the most popular accessory on campus _(it beat out beer)_ and no one is more happy about this than Apple. Some campuses even ban them and I guess I’m not surprised. I used to keep my earbuds in during large classes and cover my ears with my long hair. I couldn’t have taken very good notes doing that. It also beat out

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