Fashion Review:

Some accuse fashion of being a dictatorship of taste. But over at, democracy is alive and well. The online clothing, accessories, and décor retailer has made it its mission to engage with customers and mold the site according to constant feedback. Through Twitter, Facebook, the site’s ModLife blog, and its unique Be the Buyer program, fashion lovers can say what’s hot, what’s not, and what else they want to see for sale.

Although honestly, there’s not much for sale on that’s not to love. The site’s calling card is vintage, having begun with exclusively vintage pieces back in 2002 and expanding to vintage-inspired lines by indie designers that perfectly fit fashion’s retro mood. Feeling a Fifties housewife mood? Snatch up the adorable Hepcat Dress with white polka dots and sweet capsleeves. Channel Sixties icon Twiggy in a mod Color Guard Dress, savor the Seventies in a Run, Florist, Run frock, and reenact a ruffle-tastic 80’s prom with A Little Pepa’s organza peplum.

In fact, there’s so much cute clothing (not to mention accessories and tchotchkes) on you might get sucked in, clicking on page after page until you can’t imagine life without this little floral dress or that perfect romper. And don't even feel bad about procrastinating on the addictive site– just think of shopping and giving feedback on as exercising your important democratic rights. And that, ladies, is a responsibility.

Happy shopping!

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