The Best Advice My Dad Gave Me

father's day

father's day

Now that Father’s Day is upon us, it’s time to start reflecting on everything dads do. Even though you can’t tell them absolutely everything because you’re pretty sure they’d put you in a convent, they’re still always there for you. Sometimes, they even give better advice than moms do (shocking, I know). While I text my mom every hour on the hour with the minutiae of my day, I still go to my dad whenever I’m looking for advice that’s calm, objective, and will immediately calm any and all anxiety I’m hiding. 

While I’d never call myself a “daddy’s girl” (certainly not out loud, anyway), that doesn’t mean that I don’t turn to him for advice all the time. Whether we’re binge watching Law and Order: SVU until it’s too disturbing, listening to all of my favorite indie bands (he’ll accept anything I like, as long as it’s not rap, although I’ve been trying to convert him since middle school), or I’m calling him because I need expert advice immediately, I know he’ll be there if I need him. Here are the best nuggets of advice he’s given me over the years. 


1. “Don’t give up.”

When it comes to career advice, my mom is usually even more stressed out than I am about interviews and deadlines. She wants to know what I plan on wearing, who I’m meeting with, what every edit test entails, and if something doesn’t work out it seems like she feels it even more deeply than I do. My dad’s able to take a step back, reason with me, and help me realize that you should never give up hope… even when it seems like you’ve been working ridiculously hard towards goals that seem far away. 

While it can be annoying for someone to tell you to just keep going when you plan on it anyway because there are no other options, it’s reassuring to know that there’s someone out there who completely believes in you. It’s always helpful to have someone basically telling you to “just keep trucking,” even when you’d really prefer a nap to sending out more resumes. 

fathers day

2. “He sounds lame.”

While this isn’t exactly advice, it always makes me feel better when my dad straight up destroys a boy who’s done me wrong. Growing up, I’m pretty sure I thought going to my dad for dating advice would be the most embarrassing experience ever. As an almost adult, I’ve realized that he’ll always make me laugh and make me realize the guy in question isn’t as great as I thought he was (especially if he’s done anything at all to hurt my feelings). Your first conversation about your current beau might feel super strange, but after the initial weirdness wears off you’ll know that he’ll tell it like it is.

3. “Don’t take anything too seriously.” 

My dad is a notorious stone cold weirdo, and I mean that in the best possible way. Whether he’s embarrassing the entire family by buttoning his shirts to his neck and pretending he’s ancient, or alternately unbuttoning his shirt and pretending to disco, he’s always making someone laugh. He’s made me realize that there’s no point taking everything too seriously, ever, because life is inherently hysterical.

This Father’s Day, make sure to let your dad know exactly how much you care (and by that I don’t mean that you should Instagram a photo of you two when he doesn’t even know what Insta is). Keep in mind that his advice will always be helpful, even when you’re well on your way to adulthood — and don’t feel weird about relying on him for advice, even if you’re almost a grown up. 

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