Feminists for Life: Coming to a Campus Near You

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*Anti-abortion organization, Feminists for Life of America, is appealing to universities nationwide to increase awareness about pregnancy and women’s rights,* writes Rob Moll of the _Christianity Today Magazine_. Read the story

Jane Sullivan Roberts, wife of recent Supreme Court nominee, John Roberts, currently serves as legal counsel to the organization. This affiliation concerns many pro-choice activists and organizations.

*The article cites a Gallup poll which found that 73 percent of women leave college pro-choice, while 37 percent of high school graduates are pro-choice.*

According to Serrin Foster, Feminists for Life president, university resource centers are partly responsible for this statistic because they don’t provide women with adequate information about important issues such as child care and maternity leave. By addressing the factors that push women toward abortion, Feminists for Life hopes and believes that this will make abortions “unthinkable.”

“Women in college are having their first abortions,” Foster says. “And that’s where our future politicians, lawyers, jurists, and businesswomen are being educated.”

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