Figure People Out: Cater to their Preferences

A new book, *Improvisational Negotiation: A Mediator’s Stories of Conflict about Love, Money, Anger–and the Strategies That Resolved Them*, has lots of ideas for how to mediate a conflict with a co-worker, whether you’re personally involved or not. But there is also some information that can be useful to you in many situations….some ones I can think of would be interviews, social introductions and networking.

If you could tell that the employer you interviewed with last week was a visual person, maybe you should send them a thank you note in the mail on professional stationary. If they seemd auditory, maybe a quick phone call would be more effective. *This could also work well with interacting with your college professors, T.A.s or employers.*

_”Listen carefully to determine what NLP “type” a person may be. Then speak his or her language. According to the principles of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), there are three types of people: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. When you can determine what category a person falls into, you can deliberately build a rapport with him or her.”_

_”*Visual people say things like “Can we look into this further?*” and “I am getting a clearer picture now.” Someone with an auditory focus might say “I hear you loud and clear,” or “Now that you’ve voiced your opinion, may I tell you what would resonate with me?” Finally, a kinesthetic person might say, “That feels right to me,” or “I’m not grasping what you’re telling me.””_

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Fashion Blog: Introducing Phillip Lim

*This has to be my new favorite designer.* Finally, someone who loves heather gray as much as I do! His line is called *3.1 Phillip Lim* and his Fall 2006 line is the best kind of frumpy. It’s casual and dressy at the same time, it’s very layered and, above all, it’s actually flattering.


I first saw his work when Jennifer Aniston wore a gray sweater dress _(second from right in photo)_ in May’s Vogue. As for pricing, it’s not a bargain….however, *it won’t cost you a semester’s worth of college tuition either*. Pieces generally fall between $200-500 dollars, so if you see a must-have, maybe you can swing it, *chances are it’s well-made and will fit you like a glove.* If I were you, I’d definitely start saving for one of his crazy-versatile vintage-esque bags or feminine ruffly blouses.

“*View the Collection*”://

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