Finals Frenzy: Healthy Winter Snacks

It’s the happiest season of all! The holidays are upon us, and suddenly, sleigh bells are ringing and the smell of hot chocolate permeates the air. My roommates elf of the shelf is situated comfortably inside a bright pink fuzzy Juicy Couture stocking and The Grinch is playing in the background on our television. But for many of us, the season has yet to start until college finals finish.

Those finals often means late nights in the library leaning over a pile of thick, overpriced textbooks. The stress and long hours are likely to leave you craving an unhealthy junk food fix, but rather than stuffing your face with foods that will leave you unsatisfied and, often times, disrupts your brain functions, grab a healthy treat that provide fuel for stressful cram sessions –remember– all-nighters are nearly never a good idea and are typically avoidable with strategic planning!

Another tip: try to get in a yoga session, a long walk bundled up in the cold, a gym session… or even just a relaxing extra-long shower. Prioritizing your wellness is crucial in obtaining success and staying sain at the end of a semester. Take a study break and pre-make these study snacks all at once– with little time  & effort, equipment or ingredients needed, they’re super easy and a perfect snack to grab-on-the-go.

Cinnamon Almonds (Allergic to nuts? Me too! I love sunflower and pumpkin seeds, though. They are great with celtic salt, vanilla, or any other topping of your choice!)

Dark Chocolate Blueberry Clusters

Roasted Chickpeas

Kale Chips

Gingerbread Granola with Cranberries

These good-for-you snacks are perfect for holiday parties too! Add a little yogurt or this yummy pumpkin dip and you’ll be the hostess with the mostest, without spending a ton of time in the kitchen.

What are your favorite healthy go-tos during finals? What sides do you like to bring to holiday parties and ugly sweater events?

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