Finals Frenzy: Properly Preparing

ryan gosling

It’s that time of year again; Nope! Not the holidays– It’s finals frenzy, and we know it’s crazy time for everyone  going through it. What’s the best way to stay sane? We’ve got your how-to on  to properly preparing

1. Know Your Schedule: First things first, know when and where of your finals. It’s important to know, because more times than not your final won’t be at the exact same time as your class- and sometimes it’s not even in the same classroom. Make sure you check the times of when your finals will be to ensure none of your classes have conflicts.

2. Master the test layouts: Finals come in all shapes and sizes from no finals to comprehensive finals to essay finals, and final papers–they range and vary in intensity. Some finals will be over only a few chapters, and some will seem to cover the entire semester. Knowing your final is key to acing your final.

3. Don’t assume you need all-nighters: Getting enough rest is key. Deep sleep  gives your brain a rest; allowing it to process the knowledge you learn and make sense of all of it. Preparing in advance is the best way to avoid having to stress your system by staying up too late.

4. Cool it on the multi-tasking: For some of you, this may be the first time that you have had multiple exams on the same day–that can be difficult to handle.  Study in blocks and devote yourself fully to one subject at a time and avoid multi-tasking. Studying too many subjects at once puts strain on your brain, causing trouble recalling information later.

5. Bring a Friend: Sanity is your best friend during finals, if you have a friend in class that you have made–study together. It will help to keep you motivated, and you can utilize each other’s unique study strategies to learn; a definite win-win.  Study buddies are always a solid strategy.

LASTLY! Remember to eat. For those that get too overloaded on studying to eat–put down the book and have a wholesome snack! Check out some Chicster approved choices here; healthy snacks will help you focus and keep healthy during the most stressful parts of the school year.

Good Luck!

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