Find the Best College for You


c. UChicago Admissions TUMBLR


By: Amanda Cross, University of Central Arkansas

Choosing a college can and will define the next four years of your life; and I’m here to help you along with your collegiate selection journey. Chicsters everywhere rejoice, here’s how to find the best college for you!

1. Figure out what you want out of college: What is your goal when it comes to going to college? Do you want to go to a college with an awesome Journalism program? Tailgating? What do you want your university to have to offer day in and day out?

2. Don’t just apply, be a part of the campus culture: I highly recommend you take a college tour or go to a college day if possible! You can never learn enough about the way students interact with each other, faculty, and staff. Going to the campuses you might be interested in are a wonderful way to get to know about the university and see it in action.

3. Research, research, research: Check out the schools website, go to their Rate my Professors page and look at the ratings for people in your intended field of study. Check with your guidance counselor for resources and tips.

4. Think about logistics: Make sure to keep in mind cost of tuition and extra expenses like travel, location, size, etc. The school you want may look great on paper, but when it comes to executing it may just not be possible.

5. Keep an open mind; be okay with change: You’ll get into colleges that weren’t your first choice and that’s great! Sometimes you must change your perspective, keep that in mind and give the colleges that said yes a chance to woo you!


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