How to Find Work Abroad

One of the most common dreams for young people is to travel the world. Personally, many of my friends make it a priority to travel before they enter the workforce, whether it is studying abroad, taking a year off to backpack through Europe, or just taking a vacation for a week in a different country.



If you are trying to enter the workforce in another country there is a lot to consider. Make sure to do your research- job availability, cost of living, transportation, geography, etc. If your dream job is in finance, your dream city is Paris, but there are no job openings, you may need to compromise. It is important to inform and educate yourself, especially when making a big move.

Network, Network, Network

Research doesn’t have to be done solely online so ask around! Utilize your networking skills and ask your professors, peers, friends and family if they know someone who has been to the area you’re interested in. Research jobs on LinkedIn and reach out to others. You will really learn about a region through people who have experienced it. Don’t get all your information from travel websites. I have been planning a vacation to Australia with my best friend who happens to have family living there. Knowing someone who lives in a region you’re interested in can really help get you adjusted. It is the comfort of knowing that you have someone to physically turn to.

Expand Your Language

In any field of work it is beneficial to know a second language. In fact, many countries teach English along with teaching their native language. Utilize your resources and learn the basics of another language. Navigating through a country with no language base is difficult, it can impact you not only professionally, but socially as well. You don’t have to be fluent right away, but if you understand basic words and phrases it can be extremely helpful.

Helpful Resources

Here are some websites that provide a ton of information:

Transitions Abroad offers a lot of information helpful for anyone looking to live and work abroad. Some articles include “Student Work Abroad and International Careers Advisor,” “How to Choose the Country Best For You,” “Internships Abroad,” “How to Write a Resume for a Job Abroad,” and advice for living abroad. is a great resource to see which jobs abroad are the best ones for recent graduates. Its important to know if the field you want to go into offers positions abroad and in places you would want to live. Positions involved in teaching, communications, and hospitality are among the list.

  • The US State Department’s website for working abroad

The US State Department provides resources for those specifically interested in working overseas. Jobs in international organizations, free job searches, internship searches, overseas volunteer searches, and websites that offers selections of articles on working abroad are included in the links provided.

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