Be Yourself: Finding Your Own Chic

nerd girl chic

In case you haven’t heard, Nerd Girls are in right now. Make no mistake; we’ve always been around, hiding behind our GameBoy or the newest genre novel of choice. But now the mainstream media is finally picking up on just how awesome we really are; and we’re embracing our nerd girl chic!

We’re Dedicated Fans. 

Yep, that’s right, those crazy girls that stand out in the freezing rain to merely catch a glimpse of Benedict Cumberbatch (I’m not going to say I am one those girls but I’m not gonna say I’m not). But really, being a fangirl is just about loving something and not being afraid to show your love. Whether it’s Sherlock, Doctor Who, Breaking Bad, or even football, embrace what you love and show the world how great it really is.

We Don’t Wear Fake Glasses. 

Please, and this applies to nerds and hipsters, don’t wear fake glasses. There are people who have struggled their whole lives with gaining the confidence to wear their glasses and the idea that you would put them on to be “cool” is a slap in the face. Be you, and if you don’t have an eye problem, then don’t wear glasses.

We Have Friends Who Share Our Love. 

A major part of being a nerd is being able to nerd out with your nerd friends. Nothing compares to talking with someone and finding out they love the same obscure Japanese manga artist that you do. So find these people! That’s not to say that you should abandon your old friends, but make an active effort to find friends you enjoy the same things as you. Trust me, you’ll love having conversations with these people and will love finding new theories on all your favorite characters.

We’re Here for Everybody. 

You may come across people who will pretend to love something but, upon further conversation with them, you find they really don’t know what they are talking about. That’s okay! Rather than judge them for their lack of knowledge, spread your own knowledge and help them to learn more about all that you love. And don’t forget, many people fake it before they make it, and you can be the person to help them make it.

We Spread the Love. 

Now that you have embraced your inner nerd, help others embrace theirs! This goes along with the above topic but sometimes you will need to help nerds who are too afraid to speak of their love in public. Help them to embrace the inner nerd and let everyone know how much they love (insert object of affection/possible obsession here). It’s now your mission to spread the nerd.

Share your own chic mantras; add them in the comments or Tweet to us @UChic. Now, embrace the nerd! And don’t forget to be awesome.

By: Ana Berkovich, Missouri State University

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