Five Apps to Help You get Through Your Busiest Days

We are all busy. And there are so many apps out there claiming to help you get your life organized. But what apps actually work? What apps actually make your life easier? Here are five apps that will help you get through your busiest days!




Your Netflix addiction is about to get a major makeover- say hello to DramaFever, home to over 15,000 episodes of television shows and dramas from fifteen different countries. DramaFever is free and boasts nearly twenty million viewers enjoying all the subtitled addictiveness, including popular Korean dramas and Spanish soaps. By logging in, you can also view character bios, ratings and suggestions all while easily keeping track of your most favorite series. Who knew it’d be this easy to watch amazing shows from all over the world while you’re on the go?

Available for iOS, Kindle Fire, Android, Roku and Android TV

2) Udemy


Ever wanted to learn how to code, but never had the time? What about that entrepreneurship course you’ve wanted to take? Udemy is an online platform that makes online learning easier than ever, with organized courses you can take at your own pace and individual instructors that provide updates and answer questions as they come along. You can boost your skills around your schedule and with over 2500 courses offered, you’re sure to find courses on the things you’re passionate about.

Available for iOS and Android

3) Seventeen mobile app


Best selling teen fashion and beauty magazine, Seventeen, has made it even easier for you to be a trendy teen on the go!  The new app includes fun polls, blogs, and updates on your favorite celebrities. You can also find out about the latest in beauty, health and love as well as read entire issues of the magazine for free! Now you’ll never forget to enter Seventeen’s Daily Freebie giveaway (Hello, free stuff!) or read amazing stories about teen girls just like you, no matter how busy your day is. Say goodbye to boring bus rides home, now you can use that free time to browse cute #OOTD ideas and awesome hair inspo for tomorrow!

Available for iOS

4) Duolingo



French class got you feeling down? Take your notes to the next level with Duolingo, a free platform for learning languages through games, quizzes and interactive reviews after each chapter. Not only will you ace your language final and impress your French teacher, but you’ll also have access to other languages to learn on your free time. Being fluent in other languages like Italian and Spanish looks great in college applications and resumes—just one more way an awesome chicster like you can stand out!

Available for iOS and Android



Raise your spoon if you’re obsessed with food! Most of us run of out school, class and practices with food on our mind. After all, having a busy schedule just builds up an appetite. If you’re looking for new recipes to try out when you get home, feast your eyes on FoodGawker, a community of amazing recipes and stunning photos of foods you’ve never even thought of trying. This app is all you need if you want to be the star at the next family dinner or bake yummy deserts with friends.

Available for iOS


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