Five Student Friendly Laptops for Your Gracie Case!

Remember the last time you went a day without using a computer to answer emails, read the news or shop online? We can’t either! That’s why we tracked down the highest rated and most affordable laptops-perfect for college and your Gracie Case.

Gracie Case

It seems like every season, there are new models, upgrades and updates in the electronics and technology industry. Sometimes it is hard to keep up! Regardless of what you are using your laptop for, you should try to purchase the most durable, user friendly and highest quality laptop to match your busy lifestyle.

Here are the top picks of 2015:




1. ASUS Chromebook C300

ASUS Chromebook C300

The ASUS Chromebook brings a lot to the table in terms of features and user-friendly applications. The Chrome operating system presents a sleek design and easy to use programs along with a great HD camera. This super portable laptop includes two different USB ports (3.0 and 2.0), SD Card reader and an HDMI port, all for a great price. The HD display is great for browsing the web and since you can do homework, study and do research for up to ten hours without needing to charge it, you’ll get a lot of use out of it.  It is available in fun colors like red, blue, yellow and black- super sophisticated!

Great for Chic girls who: want to travel light, are always on the go and want to keep their files and documents super protected and organized.

Asus Chromebook C300, $219.00,




2. MacBook Air


Apple laptops have proven to be durable, reliable and easy to use throughout recent years, and with new models constantly coming out, it is difficult to choose which model and size is best for you. The Macbook Air is lightweight and sturdy yet jam packed with features like iPhoto, iTunes, iMovie, Garageband and an easy-to-use HD camera (great for FaceTiming friends and family!). Another plus? You can use it for up to twelve hours without needing to charge it!

Ideal for dreamers who: Want a sleek and durable laptop that is compatible with most applications and new software, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Great for editing movies and downloading cool apps.

MacBook Air 13 inch, $999.00, www.




3. HP Stream


You love using Netflix, Facebook, Spotify and YouTube on your phone, but on a laptop like the HP Stream, you can enjoy your movies and music on a larger and clearer screen. The HP Stream also includes Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and more, for your school projects or homework during exams and finals! You can also get creative and customize the light and fanless design with different computer mice and experiment with the cool new touch features. Get your work done and you can enjoy your favorite movies on its great 13.3-inch screen and chat with your friends on Skype after a long day of piano lessons. Includes Windows 8.1, webcam and designed with cloud computing in mind. Checkout the Orchid Magenta, and Horizon Blue styles!

Awesome for successful gals who: areEco-friendly (psst…the HP Stream is energy efficient) dreamers, who want to take their entertainment to sleepovers, cafes, and restaurants with friends.

HP Stream, $229.99, 13.3 Inch, Orchid Magenta,



4. Toshiba Chromebook 2 (CB35-A3120)


If you need a strong, reliable and high quality computer, then you need to check out the Toshiba Chromebook 2, which boasts 16GB memory and Chrome Operating System. If you’re the type of gal who can’t live without Google Drive, you’ll love this laptop and its easy access to all your saved documents using cloud computing. The app store lets you download your favorite apps, like Pandora and Netflix. Fans have also praised the Toshiba Chromebook 2 for it’s amazing sound system and easy user interface- great for surfing the web, shopping, Skyping and writing up documents. The impressive speakers and clear screen are handy for meetings, interviews and conversations through Google + Hangouts since you can configure voice activated features. You have everything you need for a great presentation or project with the handy HDMI output, SD slot and USB ports. The battery also lasts a whopping eleven hours (as if you needed another reason to check this one out!).

Perfect for students who: are traveling overseas and want to keep in touch with their friends, love customizable apps and want quick access to files on the cloud.

Toshiba Chromebook 2, $279.99, Sunray Silver,



5. HP Pavilion 15


Customize your laptop and you’ll be showing everyone what a stylish Chicster you are! The HP Pavilion 15 is highly customizable, features Windows 8 and comes with storage of 500 GB. You’ll love theBeatsAudio™ with two speakers, great for movies, web chats and music. The included Hybrid Drive lets you open up apps within seconds, and we all know how important speed is in a great laptop (Hello, deadlines!). Windows 8 fans will love the familiar feel of the user interface along with upgraded features in this model, including improved screen capabilities and basic functions like DVD drive. Comes in Vibrant Red, Neon Purple, Snow White, Natural Silver and Aqua Blue.

Awesome for leaders who: Want to keep photos, videos and music handy and want amazing speed and durability.

HP Pavilion, $499.99, 15 inch, Flyer Red,


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