Flaunt Your Flair with Flair4All Wall Decals

College dorms and suites are a sad sight: cinderblock walls, peeling paint, and dust bunnies that seemed permanently glued under the bed. But pictures, posters and FLAIR4ALL can brighten up your room in an instant, making your 10×12’ space a place you’ll actually want to, y’know, live in.

With a simple peel and stick, Flair4All wall decals add a punch of color and personality to walls, doors, and even furniture, and they’re easily removable for when move-out day comes.

There are dozens of different designs, from flower graphics to music-themes stickers, and designs for both girls and guys. My roommate Jenna and I tried out the Sweet ABC collection, marking our territory for all visitors to see. The bright colors and different-sized letters make for adorable wall messages. Needless to say, Jenna and I are big fans— and you can be too! Check out Flair4All’s Facebook page and become a Fan, or pop over to the website at www.flair4all.com to browse through the many different designs. Bonus: use the code ANGELICA when checking out for 10% off your purchase of super-sweet flair.

Your walls— and your roommate— will thank you.

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