Flip Out Over A New Way to Express Yourself


Sick of the overabundance of fourteen-year-old girls bearing their midriffs on MySpace and the fact that now even your little brother can join Facebook, the site that had once been the web destination for college students?

Girls flip out over Flip.comMaybe it's time to click the "Log Out" button and head on over to an all-new kind of social networking site, Flip.com. Although currently still in it's beta stage, this site promises a whole new kind of online adventure, devoid of all the oddly-angled photos of girls with choppy hair. Flip.com isn't just about new friend requests, posting comments or browsing the photo albums of the girl who sits next to you in English for hours on end. Flip is about expressing yourself through flipbooks – electronic scrapbooks/magazines that you create with the help of a Flipbook creator on the site. (You'll need to have the lastest version of Adobe FlashPlayer to use the creator, which can be found and downloaded at http://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/) Flip encourages you to create books about yourself, your life, your hobbies, your friends, special events and all your quirky, unusual passions. You can upload your own pics, short movies, and music or browse through their collection of clipart, photos and yep, even tunes ranging from hip-hop to rock so you can create the perfect soundtrack for your book.

Flip knows you have something to share with the world – whether that's your love for Johnny Depp, your passion for shopping or your newest short film. And, don't worry, you can still make friends, join groups and post comments on Flip, so you won't be missing the essential elements of a social networking site. But Flip isn't out there to be another MySpace, but rather an intelligent alternative all about being creative and expressing yourself.

Sound fabulous? Wait a sec – you can't join the site just yet! But you can surf on over to flip.com and add your e-mail address to the mailing list so that you can be sure you are one of the first to get access when the site officially launches on February 6th.

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