#FollowFriday: What We Read and Shared This Week



Can you believe it’s nearly March? We’re ready to start thinking spring. You’ve finally made it to Friday, so take a quick break and check out great UChic.com highlights this week:

Sorority Savvy: The Best Advice Before You Bid: “During the first few weeks after your arrival on campus, you’re bombarded by various student groups all of which encouraging you to join them. By all means sign up for as many things as you’d like, it’s not like you can’t ever say, “no” after you sign up. Signing up for different smaller opportunities helps to prepare you for the bigger opportunities that are often nerve racking.”

Real World Reality Check- 3 Things I Wish I’d Known in College: “Just as in college, I have my daily routine and am involved in activities outside the workplace that keep me busy. When I reflect on my time as a college student, I have countless fond memories, yet there are some things I wish I would have done differently. These are things now that are second nature to me, but with the overwhelming college lifestyle, they were things I’d sometimes forget.”

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