Football is Cool….no, really, it is!

I got my sub sandwich, a little vegetable platter, some brie with crackers and apples and some tortilla chips and five-layer dip. Yep… *I’m ready for the big game.* And I’m not faking either. I actually _like_ watching football. And I also really like watching the commercials. But don’t judge me. I may like watching the pigskin get tossed around, but while I’m watching I’m also dreaming of a Furla ostrich leather belt. Reminds me of last August at a baseball game. We were in the fifth row and in between innings I read Lucky. _It was the Fall Fashion issue!_

*Now that I think about it, I’ve liked football much longer than I’ve liked fashion.* When I was in elementary school I played football with the boys during recess while wearing my pink and purple plaid stretch pants with stirrups and matching hair scrunchie. _(Clearly I did not love fashion then.)_

So for all of you girls surfing the web while your boyfriends obsess over the TV for the next five hours, here’s a quick crash course to get you through the night.

*Super Bowl 101*
1. This is Super Bowl 40 _(a.k.a. Super Bowl XL)_
2. The Seattle Seahawks are playing the Pittsburgh Steelers in Detroit.
3. The Rolling Stones are playing in the Halftime Show

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