Forget all the Acronyms You Ever Learned!

Things are changing people. Kids in gradeschool will be learning things a little differently from now on. According to recent changes, *Pluto is no longer considered a planet*, and there is a new Ocean….the South Ocean, located at the bottom of the earth by Antarctica.

While some believe that this may be a cunning business ploy to sell new textbooks, globes and planet models….apparently there are reasons behind the rulings. Pluto is too small or something. And the new South Ocean has it’s very own current. _Whatever._

Has Your Computer Battery Been Recalled?

Check it out! Dell and Apple have recalled laptop batteries lately and many of you may be eligible to receive a new battery!

Go Back To School In Style with the New Look of Sony Vaio

_”Continuing the year long celebration of VAIO’s 10th anniversary, Sony is putting the “personal” back into personal computers with today’s release of five exclusive “Graphic Splash Edition” VAIO FJ Notebooks!”_

*Here’s a idea that should have happened a while ago….colorful and cute laptops!* No more peel and stick decals or affixing permanent stickers to your computers to express your individuality. There are only 500 of each available. And they’ll engrave them too. Here is how they define the colors:

Pink Feather – for the daring, outspoken funky trend-setter
Orange Flower – for the sun-loving, casual, free spirit that loves beach culture
Green Flower – for the vibrant, green-minded person who appreciates relaxation, vitality
Orange Burst – for the sophisticated, cheerful optimist
Blue Burst – _(not pictured)_ for the stylish, technology-savvy hipster

_*Now what would be _really_ cool is if you could design your own.*_

Book Review by Irina Ikonsky: Bergdorf Blondes

_”After reading Bergdorf Blondes by Plum Sykes, you realize not all parodies are created equally. This underwhelming attempt to poke fun at New York’s fashion elite falls flat in a New York minute. Chronicling the adventures of an unnamed narrator and her circle of uberly-spoiled, under-fed friends, the book starts out with the promise of fun romances and a peek into glamorous and over-the-top lifestyles. Unfortunately, one is glutted with cliche after cliche and not much else…”_

“Read Irina’s Review”://

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