Four Alternatives to the Ponytail

Sometimes a ponytail gets a little repetitive to wear day in and day out. The basics of the a ponytail are to keep hair out of your face and stop you from suffocating under the weight of your own hair. Check out some fun alternatives to the ponytail.

1. In a Bun:

Buns come in all shapes and sizes, messy ones, sophisticated ones, and everything in between. They are perfect to keep their hair out of your way and out of your face and they still look so cute while doing it. There are so many ways to make a bun, but the best way is the messy bun in my opinion. If done correctly it looks messy, but it still looks like you tried to do your hair and didn’t just roll out of bed. Messy buns are cute for a day of errands or a long day of classes on campus.

2. Down with a Bow:

I am a bow addict lately, I will admit to you, I may have collected over 16 bows this summer alone. It may be a problem, but I love love love it. Bows are so perfect for getting the hair out of your face and accessorizing well while you do it. They add a pop of color to any outfit and are relatively cheap to buy. My favorite place to find bows is Etsy–so many cute options with just a simple search for bows.

3. Away in a Headband:

Before I was obsessed with bows I was in love with headbands. Leaving your hair down with a super cute headband is a perfect and easy look to keep the hair out of your face. You could even do this with your messy bun or even a ponytail just to spice it up a bit.

4. Put it in a braid:

If all else fails and you really want a new hairstyle braid your ponytail! There are so many tutorials out there for french braids and fishtail braids and other cute braids that you can do with your hair. It’s so much better than the average ponytail and it looks cuter than throwing it straight in a ponytail. If you are looking for an alternative to the ponytail a braid is definitely an option.

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