Four Things That Are Draining Your Bank Account

It’s Friday night and your girlfriends invited you out for a couple of drinks at a new bar that just opened up around campus. Although your heart screams yes, your mind decides to think logically and check your bank account. You realize that your paycheck isn’t looking so hot and you still have a couple of bills to pay, which doesn’t include buying groceries or filling up your gas tank. Bummer! While it is important to have fun, it is also crucial to be in control of your money and your bank account.

Here are four things that are draining your bank account!

You’re relying on your credit card a little too much


A credit card can feel like a magic card. They make you feel like you can buy anything. Sometimes we swipe and don’t even think about how much we’ve spent because we always tell ourselves we’ll pay it all off eventually. Little do we know, that interest takes a toll on the account, and we realize that our payment for the month did not make that much of a difference. Instead of relying on your credit card to make purchases, consider using cash! Carrying cash in your wallet versus pulling out the card actually makes you think about how much you have and the cost of what you are purchasing.

That ‘Cup of Joe’ you purchase every time you’re on campus is adding up…


As college students, we clearly understand the struggle of running on three to four hours of sleep.  Instead of waking up an hour earlier to enjoy a well-balanced breakfast, you decide to pick up a coffee on the way to work or class, as it seems to be the easiest (and quickest!) option in keeping you awake. Think of how often you attend class or even work a week. Now think of how often you purchase that cup of coffee. It adds up doesn’t it? If you absolutely feel you cannot survive the day without having that white chocolate mocha, think about investing in a Keurig machine! It’ll save you so much money (and time)!

Dinner dates with your friends


Sometimes you find yourself having to put in a few extra bucks because someone did not pay their full amount. Instead of going out to Friday’s or Applebee’s, have a girls-night-in! Find a recipe you’ve wanted to try that you’ve pinned on Pinterest, split the cost at the grocery store, and make something with your girlfriends. It will probably be healthier and less expensive.

Shopping at the mall


Have you ever looked at that overly expensive t-shirt you purchased at a store and thought: What was I thinking?! Chances are, you weren’t. Splurging on that dress or those heels could be money put into your savings. Create a set goal on how much you’ll spend when you get to the mall. If that’s stretching it, try comparing prices at different retailers on the Internet. Coupons can also be very helpful!


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