The Four Trendiest Date Spots

 Between you and me, I’m really sick of going out the same places for dates. It’s always Olive Garden or the latest chick-flick he thinks I’m going to like. So, in preparation for Valentine’s Day 2007, I’ve decided to give UChic ladies the rundown on the four trendiest date spots for college gals and guys. These places are sure to give you a great lovers day experience.

Japanese steakhouse: If you must go out to dinner, going to a Japanese steakhouse such as the Samurai or Miyabi Kyoto will really make eating out a fun experience. These expert chefs not only cook the food right in front of you, but it’s also an entertaining show and there’s lots of food to take home if you don’t finish it all.

Comedy Clubs: Think your date can use a little lightening up? Taking him to a comedy club will not only allow you two to unwind with a few drinks, but also have the chance to catch a few laughs while seeing a live show.

Spa Day: If you and your honey have been really busy lately, treat yourselves to a day at the spa. While he may complain that the atmosphere is not “manly” enough, put him down for a full body massage and he’ll quickly change his mind.

Evening Cruises: Now, these are not the typical three-hour tours you’re familiar with that turn into disaster, but rather night sailing in a lake or ocean near you. Though the cruises only last a few hours, both entertainment and dinner is included on the boat that takes you right back to where you boarded at the end of the session. To book you and your cutie on an evening cruise, contact your local lake or beach resort for scheduled times. Tickets range from $30-$50.

Have a happy (and non-boring) Valentine’s Day!

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