Four Careers in Danger of Permanent Extinction

I know for most of us, college is on the brain 24/7…but what about five or ten years from now? Someday soon, Mom and Dad are going to stop paying the bills and you’ll be working 9 to 5 (if youre lucky). But will your future career keep pace with you? Check out these four gigs that the Department of Labor say may be on their way out.

1. Primary Care Physicians

Once a very reliable career choice, primary care physicians have fallen into decline do to the push for more specialized care and the promise of higher salaries. Will we someday be forced to see a immunologist when we have the flu or a sore throat? Cross your fingers and hope your family practioner doesn't retire anytime soon…

2. Public Relations and Marketing Account Executives

S.O.S.! Spin doctors are in danger of spinning out of control. With the rising importance of social media, many companies are cutting back on their public relations budget in favor of expanding their digital staffing.

3. Computer Programmers and Software Engineers

Computer Programmers and Software Engineers are always in demand…if you live in a third world country. With salaries topping out over 100K, more and more companies are outsourcing their online developmenet needs to professionals in other countries (like Vietnam and India) to save money.

4. Journalists

Journalism majors face an extremely tough job market as newspapers collapse, magazines cut staff, and online blogs and websites seek out free talent to cut down on costs. Salaries remain stagnant and are expected to show little or no growth in the future.

By Kylie Thompson, Harvard University

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