Free Time Fun: Best Spring DIY Crafts

Guess what? It’s almost spring and it’s a great time of year to get your craft on and create something cool! Though it may still be cold for some parts of the country, crafting is awesome all year long. Check out these three ideas below, and share with us some of your favorite spring time crafts!

Get ready for spring and add some sunshine to your life with these awesome and easy to complete crafts!

Friendship Bracelets
Nothing is better than receiving a friendship bracelet, maybe, other than making one for a beloved family member or friend. While I am partial to a fishtail looking braid, of a variety that I learned at summer camp and cannot for the life of me teach to another soul, there are countless options to chose from. Check out this Buzzfeed article with descriptions and patterns to follow.

Yarn Vases
Pretty soon the outside world will be covered with lovely flowers of all shapes and kinds (my allergies will be so happy!). Make a fun container to house all those beautiful spring-time flowers! It’ll add some fun, fragrance, and scenery to your room. Follow these super-simple directions from The Chew.

Animal Mugs
Make your own mugs! Or decorate them, at least. This is a fun craft idea that comes from Country Living. They are also have a whole bunch of ideas-check ‘em out here.

These are just a few different ideas for spring time crafts and projects. If you are looking for even more ideas, check out Pinterest. Just be prepared to get addicted; it is scary how many hours you can spend scrolling down your feed. Not that I know from experience, or anything. Don’t forget! Get out and enjoy the spring, too, Chicsters.

We want to know your springtime projects! Share with me @__anastasiamarie and tag #UChic to share your favorite projects or leave us a comment below. Want more inspiration? Visit UChic on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and TUMBLR.

By: Ana Berkovich, Missouri State

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