Freshman Diary: Getting Ready For School

(Editor's Note: This blog was originally submitted in August before Kayla started her first year of college.)

Hi everyone, I am Kayla Naposki and I live in Milford, Connecticut. I am entering James Madison University this fall as a freshman. After long searches on the internet for various colleges I finally narrowed it down. I knew I wanted somewhere out of state, down south, and medium sized. What made James Madison the school for me is their academic programs and school spirit. I plan on either majoring in Dietetics to become a nutritionist, or in Health Sciences.

 There are the little things I will miss: my ½ mile walk to the beach; dry, clean towels after every morning shower; MY CAR; and phone calls from mom to wake me up in the morning (maybe this one will continue into my college years).

In addition to these small conveniences, I will miss my built-in time management system as a three-sport athlete. This is one of the biggest obstacles I must overcome as a "regular student." I used to go to school, attend soccer/basketball/tennis practice, eat dinner, do homework, and fall asleep, exhausted but prepared for the next grueling day. In college, the only thing I have to do is go to class.

I will also miss my own room. At orientation, a speaker had everyone stand up. Then he asked us two questions: Who has their own room and who has their own bathroom? Only a couple people were left standing. Then he said to those few "Congratulations, you are prepared for college." I have not shared a room since 4th

For the good of me and my roommate, I have been practicing picking up after myself and organizing my room. Even the bathroom will be a challenge. After my sister went to college, I only shared a bathroom with my mom, who willingly gets up earlier than me to shower and lets me use the blow-dryer first. Walking down the hall, sharing the bathroom with 40 other unknown girls, and finding an unoccupied stall will be much more of a task.

You may have realized how much I have talked about my mom already in this blog. But really, she has made my life so much easier. Not only will she wake up earlier to shower, but she will make me lunch. She also makes sure I'm always prepared. If I ever do forget something, like a cleat for soccer practice, she will rush right over to the school and drop it off for me.

Besides missing my mother, most of the other things have been material possessions, and I can get over that. To be honest, I didn't really think about missing anything until I had to sit down and write about it.

On August 21, 2007, when I officially move into James Madison University dorms, I doubt there will be many tears. I am too ecstatic about no curfew, new friends, and my own chosen schedule to be missing anything from home. And many more closets to choose from.

Of course, I also expect that two weeks into my first semester, I will start saying, "I miss…" Until then, I will concentrate on buying out Bed Bath and Beyond, Ikea, and Linens and Things for all the essentials (and nonessentials) of college living.

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