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I Wish I Knew is a series of personal essays written by the courageous young UChic Campus Ambassadors. Learn how to survive and thrive during your freshman year from girls who have been through it.

This week we are featuring UChic blogger and ambassador Susan Fiorentino. Fiorentino is a Manhattan College Alumna. | @kingbaroud | @kingbaroud

When I received my acceptance letter and then paid the registration fee, I already had the next four years planned… My plan was to major in Business Management and immediately land a job at an event planning company. Girl can dream right?

My first semester did not turn out as planned with the academic goals I had set for myself. Outside the classroom, I was excelling. I had a great group of friends, made the cheerleading team, landed a part-time job, and was for potential internships. Inside the classroom I was struggling. For the first time in my life my grades were suffering. When it came time to register for the following semester, I decided to make grades a priority. I thought I would just find my groove this time around.

But I didn’t. That semester, I failed a class. I was upset and disappointed. I took a hard look at myself and realized I was not happy in my major because maybe I was in the wrong one. That summer I worked on campus to earn money to make up for the failed credit. It actually ended up being a blessing in disguise because I had an opportunity to talk to students that were Communication majors. This sounded something more align with my interests. I would be able to show my creativity, planning, and love for writing. I was excited that I would be able to start the following year as a Communication major, with a PR concentration.

My junior and senior year, I was much happier and felt more balanced as a student preparing for the “real world”. I was getting internships, feeling better about the work I was completing and building relationships with my professors, who I still keep in touch with today. I found my niche at my first choice college, and was proud of my transformation over my four years.

Failing that class was a huge derail in my plan, but it made me take a look at myself. Sometimes changing your plan can be the best thing for you.

This experience has taught me to take chances more often, even when it is not part of my plan. (Click Below to Tweet)

Tweet: This experience has taught me to take chances more often, even when it is not part of my plan. via @uchic


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