Fun With Friends: How to Host the Perfect Movie Night





Whether you’re busy with school or your internship and need some relaxation, time away from your boyfriend or job, or just simply miss your girlfriends; hosting a movie night is the perfect option. This is a chance to enjoy the company of your friends before the semester starts kicking in. The most beneficial part of hosting a movie night is that you don’t have to get ready or spend a dime at the movie theater!


1. Grab a movie

Have you read a book that was turned into a movie that your girlfriends are raving about? Or maybe there’s that horror movie you just can’t bear to watch by yourself. It may be wise to choose several movies of different genres for the movie night that way you and your girlfriends could choose the movie you’d all like to watch for the night.


2. Forget the chairs; tell your friends to bring their sleeping bags and organize beanbag chairs around the room!

Ditch the boring chairs and set up beanbag chairs, pillows, or comfy blankets around the room. Tell your friends to bring their sleeping bags and anything else that they feel may make them comfortable. Remember, it’s supposed to be a relaxing time, so you and your friends need to feel comfortable! Your friends will definitely thank you for the hospitality!


3. Refreshments are a must!

You cannot host a movie night without refreshments! Before starting the movie, you and your friends can bake some of your favorite desserts over wine or your favorite milkshake. This is a great way to learn a few new recipes while bonding and catching-up with one another before actually starting the movie.

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