Fund a Dream with $5

Fund a Dream: 5 Items you could give up today to fund a dream!

We easily spend five dollars a day on a latte, soda or lunch. But the truth is that $5 can change lives. It is our mission to fund #1000dreams. Here are few items you can skip today to help support scholarships for young women.

1. Skip your favorite donut shop tomorrow morning and help make a dream come true.



2. Happy hour can wait. Save $5 to help young women reach their dreams!



3. Dodge the vending machine! Use that $5 to better young women like you today!


4. Hold the tea! Help fund a journey.


5. Pass on the popcorn! The movie will be just as good without it.


Use that $5 to support a dreamer TODAY!  We can’t do this without you. Remember, it only takes $5 to be considered a backer or supporter. Your $5 can help us IN A BIG WAY. Skip your latte today and help support scholarships for young women. $5 can make #1000Dreams come true!

Support a dreamer today!

Head on over to 1,000 Dreams Fund to learn how to get funding for your dreams!