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Hey Chicsters –

College is expensive. There is no way around it. And it isn’t only about the expensive college tuition that students and parents have to worry about covering. There are expensive books to buy, awesome but unpaid internships to fund, life-changing study-board programs to find funding for, and conferences that could connect you to your future boss. In fact, our research has found that parents and students end up spending an extra $15,000 to cover these college-related expenses that don’t even include tuition and books.


The harsh reality for students today is that college and all of the important experiences surrounding college are very expensive. That is why scholarships are more important than ever. And that is why UChic wants to help.

UChic’s 1000 Dreams Scholarship Fund was created specifically to help young women like YOU live their dreams. Do you need books for your biology class? Have you been dying to take a graphic design training course but need money to enroll or funds to purchase the necessary software? Or maybe you need a GoPro to help you hone your skills as a photojournalist.

In fact, we are seeking applicants for our 1000 Dreams Scholarship.

Need more details? Here are some FAQ’s below:

1. What is the 1000 Dreams Scholarship and how can it help me?

The UChic Foundation provides a one-time scholarship (up to $1,000) for high school or college-aged women needing financial assistance for conferences, creative pursuits, school exam fees, tutoring services, technology, books or tuition

2. Who can apply for the 1000 Dreams Scholarship?

Women attending high school or a two-year or four-year college/university. Applicants must also demonstrate financial need

3. How do I apply?

You can apply here!  You have until February 28th at 12:30 a.m. to complete the Fall 2015 application. Time is ticking. So don’t delay. If you miss the first round, don’t worry! Our next application deadline is next fall. Sign up for our Newsletter to find out when the next scholarship application is available

To see what all you need to apply visit

4. If I don’t get the scholarship this time, can I reapply?

Yes. Become a UChic member and sign up for our newsletter here to find out when the next scholarship application is available.

5. How can I create a strong scholarship application?

The application isn’t overwhelmingly long, but you don’t want to procrastinate. If you sit down the night before and rush through the application you are more likely to have spelling mistakes or your essay might not be as clear. After you finish the application let someone else read it. Another set of eyes can always really help you catch any last minute mistakes.

Good luck and keep dreaming!



From the desk of Christie Garton, Founder of UChic

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Head on over to 1,000 Dreams Fund to learn how to get funding for your dreams!