FYI: Student Engagement Survey

Do you feel "engaged" by your school? USA Today has just published the 2007 results of the National Survey of Student Engagement, which has measured "student involvement in key practices of associated with learning, persistence and graduation" since 2000.

Freshman and seniors were asked to rank their schools based on:

-Level of academic challenge

-Active and collaborative learning

-Student-faculty interaction

-Enriching educational experiences

-Supportive campus environment

The article reports that students attending Appalachian State University and Elon University, both located in North Carolina, benefited from learning communities at their schools, and felt engaged by their schools in that way. Meanwhile, students at University of Virginia and Pepperdine University in California were engaged on campus by being highly involved in extra-curricular activities.

257 participating schools shared their NSSE data with USA Today, and the results can be viewed here. Check to see if your school's on the list, and see how it ranks in engaging its students!

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