Get Active: Find the Best Clubs or Activities for You


Have a hobby? There’s a club for that. Clubs and societies are a great way to make friends, learn something new and get involved on campus. With a seemingly endless amount of them on campus, it’s tough to know where to start. How can you decide which one is the right fit for you?

Think About What You Love

Clubs are where you do things you enjoy provide you with an opportunity to meet people with similar interests. They also give you a chance to let off steam from schoolwork and the other things you have packed into your busy schedule. Are you a social butterfly? Maybe Greek life is right for you. If you love volunteering, Global Brigades or Habitat for Humanity may be right up your alley with their volunteering trips to communities in need. Maybe you’re always snapping photos of your friends. Photography club might be a good fit.

Think About What You’ve Always Wanted to Try

Is there something you’ve always wanted to learn? Swing Dance? Acapella? Slacklining? A club provides you with an opportunity to try or learn something new in a casual environment with other people who are either in the same boat as you or are able to help you learn.

Think About What You Want to Improve

Maybe you’re a business student looking to improve your presentation skills or a Spanish major looking for someone to practice your conjugations with. Many clubs, such as Enactus or your school’s Spanish society, often offer opportunities to improve in these areas and other students who are there to help you improve.

Think About Your Future Career

Joining a career related club is a great way to gain some valuable experience in your chosen field early on. It also allows you to network and make contacts with future professionals in that area. Do you want to be a writer? Join the campus newspaper. Interested in a career in politics? Consider debate.

Every school has a society for almost every major. These can help you meet people in your program or with the same interests as you. It can also help you find a study buddy, a tutor or someone in a higher year who can give you pointers about certain professors and classes.

Think About Your Environment

Many schools offer clubs that take advantage of their unique surrounding location. My school is on the coast, so we have surfing trips and a scuba club. If you go to school in the mountains, you could join ski club. These kinds of clubs are sometimes things you wouldn’t be able to try anywhere else.

Nothing that floats your boat? If you can’t find a club that interests you, start one of your own! Chances are there’s someone else out there looking for the same thing.

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