Get Cookin’ with Nintendo DSi XL!

Cooking is something that will save you a lot of money, contribute to better health and is rather therapeutic for many. For some, however, it’s a source of constant frustration (like several of my best friends) combined with burned pots, salted meals and a night ending in take out. If you want to avoid this common mistake, you should consider trying out Nintendo’s new game, “America’s Test Kitchen.” It’s based off the TV show and works, according to this review, with the Nintendo DSi XL–a larger screened DS.

What does the game do? It allows you to search for meals and then view a list of ingredients, steps on how to make it and what tools you will need to do so. It’s great, I think, for people who don’t know how to cook or who want to become more comfortable in the kitchen. This negates the excuse of “I can’t even boil water.” The system speaks to you, step by step, to make sure that you prepare a wonderfully delicious and healthy meal. Even if you are making nachos at home it’s healthy because you control the salt, cheese and all other factors.

Would you try out this new Gadget? I think it’s a great birthday, graduation or heck spring holiday gift, for anyone in your life.

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