Get Empowered: Affordable Chic

Being surrounded by glamorous fashionistas and socialites at Fashion Week, I could not help but to feel that my own wardrobe was slightly inadequate. I follow fashion religiously, but it is not as easy as it seems.

We all have our few token items of the season, but trends change so quickly that sometimes it is hard to keep up. Unlike celebrities, we don’t have the money to throw around for an outfit that we are only going to wear once.

While it may seem tempting to get a new credit and taking yourself on a shopping spree, this is not the solution.

More and more celebrities and fashion icons are realizing the power they have in the fashion world and are making it more accessible to you.

Lauren Conrad, of the hit reality show The Hills, recently launched her highly anticipated clothing line. The flirtatious dresses and shirts in her new fall line all really evoke Lauren’s own look. Currently, her clothes can only be purchased at her site, Shop Lauren Conrad.

Lauren is not the only celebrity sharing her fashion. Vera Wang recently teamed up with Kohl’s to launch a more affordable version of her highly coveted line. Blending femininity and sophistication, Vera’s Simply Vera line for Kohl’s is sure to make you the envy of your friends.

If you these lines don’t tickle your fancy, you can always try Hot in Hollywood to emulate your favorite celebrity’s style. Yesterday on E! TV, they recreated a Mishca Barton look for under $200.

There are plenty of other stores and sites that will carry this season’s hottest trends, but knowing how to shop is what is important. Always remember to check the Internet to see if you can get the look for less. Happy shopping girls!

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