Get Empowered: Apply for a Scholarflip!

Ever since I was 10 years old, I knew I wanted to work in magazines. I published my first e-zine in fourth grade, and my first article was published in Girls' Life Magazine the following year. There was just something inside me that loved everything about brainstorming, creating, designing for and writing my own magazine.

When I first started writing for, I had just heard about, an online journaling/scrapbooking website. Flip is the perfect solution to my insatiable desire to create (and now that I've changed my major from magazine journalism to advertising, I'm going to need to get my 'zine fill somewhere!)

Now, the brains behind Flip (a.k.a the creative people at Conde Nast), are giving away $5,000 scholarships for – you guessed it – creating a fabulous flipbook. Flip has partnered with seven organizations including AmeriCheer, Music Saves Lives, ASPCA and GoGirlWorld for the contest.

The scholarships – er, scholarflips– ask you to create a flipbook about your passion, such as cheerleading, animal rights and making a difference in your community. So if you're got some extra time, a unique idea and a desire to share your passion with other like-minded creative types, get started with an account at It might just win you 5,000 big ones. Check out the contest here.

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