Get Empowered: Be a Feminist

My sophomore year, I applied to write for the women's magazine on campus. I was assigned a pretty generic topic for my first story: "How to be a feminist."

I was nervous for several reasons: 1) It was my first, real printed story that the JMC faculty, not to mention the student body, would see and 2) How the hell was I supposed to come up with something witty, intelligent and original to say about being a feminist?

Needless to say, it turned out all right – but I had to give up my stint at the mag this semester to devote my time to more academic ventures. However, I have remained an avid reader of the magazine, and this week I picked up the latest issue. I saw an article that really piqued my interest; an interview with Jessica Valenti, feminist blgoger and author of "Full Frontal Feminism", a title that has been on my must-read list for months.

In the interview, Valenti talks about , a blog she edits with other young feminists. She said the team attempts to keep the blog humorous, insightly and and edgy all at once as she and the girls discuss everything from politics to pop culture in true feminist fashion. So, next study break–when you're tempted to visit Perez or TMZ –do your brain a real favor and check out Feministing.

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