Get Empowered: Commit to Exercising (Even If Doesn’t Seem to Work!)

Despite the fact that I stand at a mere 4'10", I (like most college girls out there) feel that I – and maybe my social life – would benefit from dropping about 10 lbs.

All the beer, fried mozzarella sticks, late night pizza and/or gas station food has certainly taken its toll on my once non-existent belly. And just my belly. It seems that every other part of my body – including some parts that could use some extra cushion – is immune to acquiring any sort of fat, whatsoever.

Not only that, but my rigorous exercise program of yoga, pilates, and dancing in my underwear to Daft Punk can't get rid of the flab that has decided to make its home right around my midsection.

It's true: You don't lose weight where you want. According to this article, you can't pick and choose the areas of your body that you want to remain fat-free. It's just not that easy.

Basically, our bodies like to do things backwards. This means that when you run your butt off on the track or downward dog yourself into a sweat, your body starts to get rid of the most recently deposited fat. So if your booty or your tummy has always been a little rounder than you'd like, that fat is going to be the hardest to burn.

However, I have made it my personal mission to not care where the fat dissolves from. I know that if I keep working at it by simply burning more than I consume, eventually all of my body will return to its original toned, skinny, pre-college state.

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