Get Empowered: Contact Wearers Beware!

Throughout my college career, I have become fairly accustomed to sleeping on couches. Random couches, usually (although more than once I've opened my eyes only to find myself haphazardly passed out on my own peach-pink couch, wondering how in the hell I got home the night before).

However, no matter which couch I snuggle up with, I am faced with a dilemma that many college students encounter: what do I do with my (pesky, annoying) contacts?

You know all the rules. You know you're supposed to remove the stupid things every night, soak them in that over-priced solution and–voila!–the next morning they're as good as new.

But, sometimes, circumstances prevent you from returning to your dorm/apartment/house to clean your contacts. I mean, sometimes it's really just not your top priority (especially when you're at a party….far away from your dorm/house/apartment…making conversation with a cute guy).

But, "almost three quarters of contact lens wearers are risking blindness because of their dirty habits," a new study states. Are you serious?

Sleeping in your contacts isn't the only problem, either. Other "dirty habits" contribute to the safety of your peepers. Apparently, two out of five people LICK their lenses before putting them in. That's right, lick them. Do people really think that is sanitary? Fifteen percent of lens wearers also admit to picking a lens off the floor and putting it right onto their unsuspecting eyeball.

Although these little habits don't seem so bad, it amazes me that something that seems so insignificant could lead to something as serious as blindness. So, please, do your eyes a favor and take good care of your lenses.

Check out more about the study and learn how to avoid blindness here.

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