Get Empowered: Creative New Year’s Resolutions

Every year around January 1st, people around the world take out their pens and paper (or open a new Word Document) and solidify on paper exactly what it is that they hope to accomplish during the new year.

So, in honor of this tradition, I decided that I would compile a list of original and inspiring resolutions (that I intend to stick to) and that don’t include dropping 10 lbs.

Resolution #1: Be more charming. Learn what it takes to make people feel comfortable around you – and you will feel fabulous in return.

Resolution #2: Feng Shui your dorm or apartment. Read about the little changes you can make in your living space that will seriously influence your life.

Resolution #3: Practice reflection. Take a breather — and read this powerful piece about what a little reflection can do for you.

Resolution #4: Get rid of the negative people in your life. Say goodbye to that pesky friend that just doesn’t seem to have anything nice to say.

Resolution #5: And get over your silly ex-boyfriend, once and for all. And finally, check out this article called How to set amazing goals .

The advice is fabulous and will help you stick to whatever new years resolutions you choose to make.

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