Get Empowered: Feel Good Blogs

You’ve had a rough week. Your hair hasn’t looked good in days, you just can’t seem to put together a cute ensemble and you practically bombed your Spanish midterm. We’ve all been there. And (of course), this same day is the one day you can’t get a hold of your best friend, your Mom is out to dinner with her girlfriends and your boy has ditched you to play Halo – again. So, where can you turn for some support?

Since my breakup with the boy, I’ve managed to find a ton of websites that have not only inspired me, but also empowered me, to make a difference in my life and the lives of others. Next time you’re feeling down, just click a link below for some instant encouragement. — From relationship advice to how to fix your car, this site has a little bit of everything.
Cupcate’s Blog — After finding an entry titled, “Confessions of An Ex Psycho-Girlfriend”, I was hooked.
doc.u.menting — An online journaling project. So cute.
The Blogs @iVillage — The ladies over at iVillage sure do know their stuff.
Answers @Yahoo — Warning: You may become addicted.
iCiNG — GalaDarling is adorable and inspirational.

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