Get Empowered: Forget a Significant Other–Get to Know Yourself!

I'm a Scorpio. I find myself using that exact phrase as an excuse for almost everything – and situation – in my life. My moodiness, my introverted-ness and my over-the-top possessiveness when it comes to my lovers; I blame it all on the stars and that's that.

I love all that kinda stuff – astrology, numerology, graphology, tarot cards (I even have my own deck and practice readings on my girlfriends!) – anything off-beat, eccentric or straight-up weird, I've probably researched it.

However, I had a friend in high school that discussed something so out there that even I was a little skeptical. He openly talked about auras –or the colorful energies that supposedly surround people at all times.

I generally tried to change the subject to our weekend plans, or blatantly ignore his incessant ramblings about how "orange" I was, but sometimes I got sucked into half-hour long explanations about how to discover the auras of everyone around me.

But considering today is a day that almost everyone spends with a significant other, I thought I'd take some time to discover all I can about me – in the most creative ways possible.

I encourage you to get to know yourself today as well – even if it seems a little silly at first. Start by reading your sign's personality profile at Try discovering your aura by following the practices here. Sign up for your daily note from the universe here. And sign up for your DailyOM horoscope (the most inspiring horoscopes I've seen yet – and I read quite a few!) here.

Then, check out these blogs (they will probably change your life — promise!) :, iCiNG, ThinkSimpleNow, change therapy and i will change your life.

Who cares if it's Valentine's Day? Discover yourself first!

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