Get Empowered: Know How to Protect Yourself

With classes ending and the holiday season kicking into high gear, many of us find ourselves a bit preoccupied around this time. Our brains are working overtime, but don’t let down your guard.

On college campuses, there is still a high number of assaults. Obviously, this is probably the last issue that we would want to think about around the holidays, but it is important to know how to prevent yourself from being a victim.

Now that finals are quickly approaching, some schools are extending their library hours. This is a huge help to those of us to study late at night, but what about when you leave? Most assaults occur when it is dark outside and walking back to your dorm room or even to your car by yourself puts you at risk. Whenever possible have someone walk back with you. If that isn’t an option, call a friend, but make sure they are one the phone before you walk outside.

Struggling to carry all your shopping bags to your car or searching for your car keys in the depths of your purse? People who are preoccupied are prime targets for predators. When you are unaware of your surroundings, it is easier for people to take you by surprise.

Since it is not always possible to have someone with you at all times, unless of course you can afford a body guard, take the time to learn how to protect yourself. Certain colleges offer self-defense courses, but if yours does not, contact the local YWCA.

If you would rather learn on your own, there are many books and videos out there that can teach you. also offers instructional videos that you can watch for free. Like the one below.

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