Get Empowered: Know Yourself, Love Yourself

My friends are pretty good advice givers.  I generally trust their opinions about everything from my latest Urban Outfitters purchase to where I'm going to spend my weekends.  So when they repeatedly tell me, "Erica, if you want the right guy, you have to be the right girl," I believed it.  Basically, that was their nice way of telling me that I needed to get my head on straight if I ever want to meet a guy who isn't a complete psycho.

 Turns out my friends were right.  For the past three hours, I have been reading and re-reading my Psychology of Adjustment textbook and came across a little term called the "matching hypothesis." Basically, this super-scientific term just means that people seek to develop relationships with people who are similar to them in not only attractiveness, but also attitudes and values about life and religion.

Now, I don't know about you but I think that dating someone extremely similar to me would be BO-ring.  I like guys who have something to teach me.  However, I started to think about my past lovers.  A lot of them had a similar build to myself, listened to the same genres of music, came from a similar family background, were politically liberal and disliked scary movies.  Coincidence?  I think not.

So thanks pals – you were right, again!  If you want to attract a guy who is caring, faithful and open-minded — work on yourself first.

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