Get Empowered: Is the Perfect Gift Hiding in Your Closet?

With the semester finally over, I could not be more excited to be back at home in Boston. I spent the last two days packing up all my belongings and driving home, only to unpack them once again. At least, I am finally settled and ready to enjoy the holidays.

But, something occurred to me as I was unpacking my three suitcases of clothes. No only do I have clothing that I left at school, I also have clothes that I left at home. I have more clothes than I will ever possibly wear. To make matters worse, my Christmas list was basically a list of clothes that I wanted.

My problem is that I haven’t grown really since the 8th grade, so everything that I have still fits me, I just have no desire to wear it. But the time has come to part ways with it.

I’ve done a lot of shopping this holiday season, but donating clothes to a shelter is probably the most simple and thoughtful gift I’ve given. It’s a really easy process.

Look through your closet and take out everything that you haven’t worn for the past three months. Obviously don’t donate your entire summer wardrobe, but pick things you know you haven’t worn and probably won’t wear again.

Once you decide on what you want to donate, wash everything. Inspect it all and make sure that there are no holes or anything that makes them unwearable. Put everything in the bag and take it to a local shelter. There are also certain organizations that will come to your house and pick up the clothes for you.

Remember to take the weather into consideration. Donate your old coats. Also, while you may never wear mismatched gloves and socks, people in the shelters would really appreciate them. Some shelters even take toiletries as well. You don’t have to go out and buy things, but if you have them around the house, why not help to make someone’s holiday better.

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