Get Empowered: Promote Tolerance

Lately I’ve been noticing a great deal of intolerance towards gay people. In the past week, I’ve seen stories in the news about people chastising others for their sexual preference.

I have always considered myself a very tolerant person. I am proud to say that I am from Massachusetts, a state where gay marriage is currently legal. I can recall all the protests that occurred while the bill was passed, but I couldn’t understand why people were so opposed to it. Just because you wouldn’t choose a particular lifestyle for yourself does not mean that it is wrong.

Last week, I read on, one of my favorite celebrity blog sites, about the American Family Association (AFA) and their protest against gay couples on soap operas. There is currently a gay couple on the soap opera As the World Turns.

The fact that people feel the need to make such a big deal about gay couples is really unfortunate. If people are so “offended” by it, they don’t have to watch.

I know that when I have children, I intend to teach them to be tolerant of other people’s life choices. Children these days need to know that some kids have a mom and a dad, some have two moms and others have two dads. But as long as their family loves them, there is nothing wrong with any of it.

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