Get Empowered: Taxes are Done, Here Comes the Refund!

I don't really like to admit this, but this year was the first since I was a senior in high school that I had to actually sit down and file my taxes.  I held not one, not two, but three jobs in the past year, and getting actually getting all my stuff together to fill out my forms was a hassle (and involved a long, long phone call with my mom full of frustration, swear words and even a few tears!).

But, there is one good thing about filing taxes: the refund check. I'm anxiously awaiting mine, as I'm sure many of you are and I found some websites today while Facebook-stalking a friend, and I thought I'd share some pearls of wisdom with you lovely readers.

From Yahoo! Finance:

– The first checks go out in May; if your tax refund is deposited electronically, your rebate will arrive that way, too. In fact, the money may show up in your account even before you're notified that it is on its way.

– To get a rebate, most people need only to file their 2007 tax return. (If you request an extension, you won't get your check until after you file.) 

– Compliments of this year's Economic Stimulus Act, most single filers will get a $600 rebate and married couples $1,200. Parents will get an extra $300 for every dependent child under age 17.

 And as for what to do with that refund check?

 All that apply to college-age students from BankRate:

         Pay down credit card debt.

         Open an IRA.

         Take stock.

         Set up a rainy day fund.

         Spruce up the homestead. 

         Auto details, details, details.

         Service your car.

         Get the star treatment.  (Hey – if they suggest it on a website strictly for financial advice, I say why the heck not?)

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