Get Empowered: Whatever Happened to Girl Power?

”I feel like my life is now complete.”

That was my response when people asked me about seeing the Spice Girls Reunion Tour. In all honesty, my life is nowhere near complete, but seeing the Spice Girls live in concert made it so much better.

I can remember being about 12 years old and trying so hard to get tickets. Well, begging my parents to get me tickets. Unfortunately, my parents were not “connected” and so I ended up watching the Spice World movie over and over for a solid year.

Seeing them live in concert this past Thursday and singing along to every song, I realized that there aren’t many groups like this anymore. Of course, we have our pop groups, but no one sings about female empowerment and friendship. Phrases like “Girl power!” remain trapped in the 90s along with the likes of “As if!” and “Whatever!”

I can’t help but to wonder, is girl power a thing of the past?

It seems that most popular songs these days are about hooking up, breaking up, or getting even. Few songs have to do with friendship at all. Even though the Spice Girls have released some new songs, such as “Headlines,” they don’t seem to be getting a lot of air time.

Even at last week’s concert, the Spice Girl’s definition of girl power seemed to be intertwined with sex. At one point in the concert they had male dancers on leashes and walked them down the stage. I doubt that would have happened at a Spice Girl’s concert ten years ago.

Whether it’s because the times have evolved or the Spice Girls Generation simply grew up, girl power will always remain, but it may be a little racier than before.

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