Get Empowered: Will Your Resolutions This Year Fly or Flop?

It’s finally here-a new year, a chance to start fresh. Some of us may have been lucky this year and can only hope for the same good fortune this coming year. Others may not have fared so well and anxiously await the endless possibilities of the new year.

I fall somewhere in between these two groups, but I am leaning more toward the latter. I have some nice highlights to the year, but I have had my share of bad karma. My goal is to turn it all around this year.

As I drank my cup of coffee this morning, I decided to relish the fact that today is my last day of laziness over break. I am going to try to get up at or before 10 everyday and be productive. To be honest, after tonight I will probably be sleeping all day tomorrow, but at least I am motivated enough to start.

That is the tricky part about resolutions, you have to be realistic. Many people often forget that you are supposed to stick to them, they are not merely unrealistic wish that you hope will come true. You actually have to follow through.

Many popular resolutions involve getting in shape, eating healthier, quitting smoking, and saving money, among others. Some of these are total lifestyle changes and it can be hard to make such drastic changes overnight.

When making your resolutions today, remember to keep it simple. If losing twenty pounds is one of your goals, set realistic expectations- like losing at least 5 pounds per month. If you don’t start tomorrow, don’t stress. Start on the 2nd or whenever you are ready.

With resolutions, it’s not a contest to see who will break theirs first. It’s something that you do for yourself. Regardless of what your resolution may be, remember to have fun. Do whatever will make you happy. This is your chance to start fresh. Resolve to make it your best year yet.

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