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It is no secret that underage people party. Just look at the celebrity scene for proof. Despite the fact that many of these celebrities have come of age, they have been in the party scene for years.

Whether it is Lindsay Lohan, who is actually in rehab, or Amy Winehouse, who refuses to go to rehab, (both of whom are now of age) rehab and abusive behavior seems to be a startling new trend.

The press and other media seem to have glamorized the party girl image to the extent that even rehab is starting to look like a fun place. Lindsay Lohan had her own photo shoot in rehab. Harper’s Bazaar even had a rehab-inspired photo spread.

Stress is often a factor in abusive behavior like excessive drinking and celebrities are not the only ones that are susceptible.

As students we have a lot to deal with. The weekend is often our only time to really let loose and escape the stress of the week. Alcohol often seems to be the way to get there.

Knowing your school’s policy regarding underage drinking is extremely important because it can help you to avoid uncomfortable situations later. At my school, if you get caught drinking as a minor, it is a matter between you and the university; but, not every school is the same.

I was surprised to find that the University of Wisconsin has instituted a parent-notification policy. Being away at school grants you independence, but it seems to me that this policy violates that.

While your school only wants what’s best for you, it can be frustrating to have to answer to the dean and your parents. No one knows you better than you know yourself and it is important to know your limits. Contrary to what you may believe, there is nothing glamorous about rehab.

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